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Products for 1953 to 1966 Buick engines
intake manifold for Weber 48 IDA carburetors or 48 IDA based throttle bodies.
price of a manifold is 450.00 plus shipping
valley covers with or without oil fill/vent tube and PCV valve.
price of a valley cover plain is 135.00,
add 45.00 for oil fill tube and cap.
add 45.00 for pcv valve.
when ordered with an option it comes with
all parts and baffles shown
valve covers with or without breather / oil fill caps.

price of valve covers is 455.00 plain with decals, plus shipping, includes caps with
breather  option.

add $30 for each breather.

our new spark plug covers with mounting clips

price of covers is 180.00

Weber carburetors
price on request. (call 260-493-6078)
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